Kansas City Cover up Tattoos

All cover up tattoos require an in person consultation.

Not all tattoos are good candidates for cover up work. Typically cover up tattoos will be 2-3 times the size of your original tattoo. The artist will not try and cover up a tattoo if they feel that the end result will be sub par. The goal is to create an amazing tattoo that no one will know was designed to cover your original tattoo.

The placement of your tattoo, the size, age, and color scheme all effect what is possible. Black ink can only be covered with black ink. Color ink can only be covered with darker colors. Some tattoos may require laser treatment to lighten the original design.

Research your artist, look over portfolios and ask to see before, after, and healed photos of their work.

Having someone try and cover a tattoo who doesn’t have a ton of experience with cover up work can be detrimental. A improperly designed tattoo, the wrong choice of color scheme, or poor execution will result in an ever worse tattoo then you started with. It will leave you with very few options. Don’t make the same mistake twice.

Certain images will work better than others to cover up tattoos. They suggest the client make a list of the possible things they might like to get tattooed prior to the consultation.

To schedule a consultation please call 913-362-TAT2(8282), email or stop by the studio.