Tattoo Artist Devon Beyer

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been drawing since the first time I held a pencil. Even though I could have graduated early, I stayed in school to take nothing but art classes. That’s where my interest for tattoos was sparked. I took time and started studying tattoo specific art and the trends that came and went with the industry, by hanging out in tattoo shops and asking questions all throughout my teens and early twenties. I took that time to really hone my artistic abilities.

I traveled the U.S. for a bit, teaching art and music. Eventually settling back down in Kansas City where I found Headless Hands. I’m currently enrolled in a traditional apprenticeship, under Sean Gilbert. I prefer doing anything illustrative with lots of color and bold lines, although I enjoy every tattoo I do.

To schedule a consultation please call 913-362-TAT2(8282) or stop by the studio.


Devon Beyer Tattoos

I put this #hocuspocus design together the other day! I’d absolutely love to tattoo this on someone! If you’re interested, DM me!

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Got to swing by and hang out with all these cool cats and kittens yesterday! What a great group of humans! I can’t wait to do conventions and guest spot with y’all!!!
Just a bunch of tough looking sweethearts! 💪🏼🥰

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