Kansas City Custom Tattoos

Our team of award winning artist are here to make sure your tattoo experience is perfect.

They would be glad to schedule a free consultation and discuss your ideas in person.

They want to help you take your ideas and turn them into a tattoo you will love forever. From the smallest tattoos to large multiple setting pieces, Headless Hands artist are here to create a one of kind tattoo for each client. They strive to make your experience enjoyable and safe! Getting tattoos is a permanent decision. You should take the time to make sure the studio, artist and design is right for you.

To schedule a consultation please call 913-362-TAT2(8282), email or stop by the studio.


Appointments must be made in person, by the actual person getting the tattoo. A non refundable cash deposit is required to make an appointment. The deposit applies towards the price of the tattoo when completed. Walk-ins are welcome at a first come, first served basis. Prices for tattoos are only discussed in person.

Deciding to get a tattoo is one of the biggest decisions you make.

Please take the time to choose the right artist for the design. Picking an artist by cost, availability or convince can lead to a poor tattoo. Each artist has there own style of tattooing. Headless Hands artist are well rounded and can do many different styles. There are certain designs or styles that are better suited for particular artist. If they feel like there is someone else who can do the tattoo better they will suggest that artist, whether they are in house or at another studio.

When you have decided your ready to get a tattoo it can be hard to wait.

The artist at Headless Hands try their hardest to get everyone in as quick as possible and work with your schedule and availability. Unfortunately many times you will need to make an appointment due to schedules, preparation of design, and upcoming trips or events. If you have plans for activities where the location of your tattoo will be exposed to sun, you must wait till after. If your plans include swimming or water activities you must wait. If you know you will be doing activities that will exposes the tattoo to anything that could possibly infect the tattoo, please wait.

Exposure to sun or submerging your tattoo in any water (pools, hot tubs, baths, oceans, lakes, ponds, etc.) will lead to a poorly healed, faded or infected tattoo. Everyone heals differently but a minimum of 4 week and possibly up to 8 weeks is needed before you can expose the tattoo to direct sunlight. Once healed you should apply a strong sunblock as recommended by the manufacturer to help keep your tattoo looking great. Make a smart decision to ensure that the tattoo you get will heal correctly.

Not taking care of your tattoo and not following the artist aftercare completely can lead improper healing, infection, or scarring which may result in a tattoo you may want to hid instead of show off.