Tattoo Artist Sean Gilbert

Sean is originally from Arizona. He moved to Kansas City at a young age. He has always enjoyed all forms of artwork. Sean put together a portfolio of his artwork and completed a traditional apprenticeship in the state of Kansas in 2006.

When Sean first started tattooing he tended to draw and tattoo in a style that could be classified as new school. Bold bright colors, nice thick outlines, as you might see in his earlier work. As his tattoo career progressed he became interested in doing more realistic looking tattoos. A surrealism style tattoo would be what Sean prefers, but he enjoys each and ever tattoo he does.  Striving to create and out do himself with each tattoo. He never stops learning new techniques and consistently puts out the cleanest and highest quality tattoos.

Sean specializes in large color tattoos. He wants to make your tattoo experience enjoyable, worthwhile and safe. To help achieve this he tattoos one client per day and works by appointment only. His goal is to create a one of a kind tattoo that you will be proud to wear forever. Getting tattoos is a permanent decision. Please take the time to make sure the artist is right for you.

To schedule a consultation please call 913-362-TAT2(8282) or stop by the studio.


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