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Preparing for your consultation.

The first thing needed is a solid idea of what you are wanting to get tattooed. This doesn’t need be be a complete layout. You don’t need to have every element of the design, just a general direction you want the tattoo to go. The artist is here to take your idea and design you a one of a kind tattoo.

Bring in any martial you would like the artist to reference when designing the tattoo.

References always help the artist invision your idea, but are never needed. Please bring everything you would like to reference to your consultation. This includes print outs, magazines, rough sketches, t-shirt designs, posters, saved documents on your phone or tablet, etc. Anything that will help the artist to design your tattoo the way you’re envisioning it. Have an idea of where you want to place the tattoo and what size.


Placement is key to designing a tattoo. Every tattoo needs to be designed to fit the area and be flattering to the body. Some images are better for certain areas and we can discuss this during the consultation. Having a good idea of the location you are wanting the tattoo is essential.

How much coverage are your looking for?

What you can afford to spend. Good Tattoos aren’t cheap and starting a project that you can’t afford is a bad idea. I will work with you to
ctattoo design in person.

Things you will need for the tattoo consultation.

If after the consultation, you decide to move forward with setting an appointment. Each artist requires a $50-$200 non-refundable cash deposit to schedule all appointments. Each artist works on their own and sets their own prices. Due to this, hourly rates and deposit vary. All deposit will apply toward the cost of the tattoo, when the tattoo is completed in it’s entirety. Many tattoos require multiple settings due to the size of the design. In these cases the deposit will be applied towards the last session. All missed appointment will result in the loss of the deposit. 72 hours notice is required for rescheduling appointments.reate an amazing tattoo you will love and still stay within your budget.

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